Girlsway - The Neighborhood Gossip

Publish Date:16.01.2023
Penny Pax, the local tattle, simply 'is' peering through her window into Casey Calvert's yard when she sees something shameful: Casey saying farewell to a lady and seeing her off! Truly, Casey's hitched to a man and this simply doesn't agree with Penny. What will the neighbors suppose if they somehow happened to look into the undertaking??
Penny walks over to Casey's home and is allowed in by Casey, in spite of the fact that Casey is careful about what's happening. When inside, Penny uncovers that she is familiar with the undertaking and that she's only stressed for Casey! With such countless intrusive neighbors around, it'd be a disgrace on the off chance that reports began flying.
In spite of the fact that Casey's irritated by Penny, who obviously doesn't see that SHE'S the meddlesome neighbor, she IS charmed by how bothered Penny is. Since she gets her opportunity to reverse the situation, she takes it, beginning to lure Penny. Hasn't Penny at any point got out of her usual range of familiarity to have a go at something somewhat trying? Somewhat naughty?
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