Mommys Girl - The Look Mom Can't Resist

Publish Date:01.01.2023
India Summer first encounters Sabina Rouge, her stepdaughter. Sabina is standing there and appears seductive by nature. Her captivating eyes have a charm that seems to beckon to India. India's eyes are compelled to linger over her body. Sabina crooks her finger in a "come hither" gesture as she continues to pierce her with that stare, and India licks her lips while appearing aroused and conflicted. India is led inside Sabina's bedroom by her. India muses on how everything came about as she repeatedly enters Sabina's bedroom throughout the course of time. "When I first met Robert, my future husband, I believed we'd be the perfect match... until I met his daughter, Sabina, who would become my future step-daughter," she recalls.
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