Girlsway - Popular 1: Corrupting The New Girl

Publish Date:13.02.2023
Sabina Rouge, another young lady around who's somewhat of a spitfire, strolls around, glancing around newly. She is by all accounts looking for a specific structure.

Not focusing, she inadvertently finds Avi Love. Avi cries and drops the books she was conveying. As Sabina talks with Avi, a modest nearby young lady, they hit it off immediately. They like similar books and Sabina is dazzled that Avi is into cosplay and great at cosmetics. Sabina moved to town a long time back with her family soon after she turned 18.

At the point when Sabina requests that Avi show her where the library is, Avi is astonished, since she's not the most well known young lady in school and it could wreck Sabina's standing when school begins. Sabina demands that she couldn't care less about this stuff and they head to the library together.
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