Girlsway - The Hardest Job In The World

Publish Date:07.12.2022
Silvia Saige shows up at Sofie Marie's home which serves as a childcare. Sofie welcomes Silvia agreeably, inviting her in and welcoming her to sit on the sofa. There are different toys flung all through the room and Sofie needs to clear out some toys that have been left on the lounge chair as they sit down. She pokes a fun at 'venturing into her office'. Silvia chuckles respectfully however appears to be excessively worried to be really agreeable.
Sofie says thanks to Silvia for coming a piece early today. Prior to getting her little one, Sofie needs to get to realize Silvia somewhat better, something she jumps at the chance to do with every one of the guardians. They make casual conversation for a couple of seconds. Silvia makes reference to that her little girl loves coming to childcare. Sofie communicates fondness for Silvia's girl, adding that individuals like her make forcing a childcare to leave her home such a satisfying position.
Sofie can detect that something is off-base as she checks Silvia out. She inquires as to whether she's OK. Silvia, a solitary parent, admits that she's overpowered. They open dependent upon one another. Sofie can connect with Silvia since she also is a solitary parent. There are traces of fascination between the women.
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