Girlsway - The Case Of The Snitch's Snatch

Publish Date:04.02.2023
At the point when an insurance agency begins to get dubious of misrepresentation after a line of vehicle robberies, they enlist Investigator Casey Calvert to assist with shutting the case. Casey's been offering it her everything except getting nothing as a trade off, so she depends on a fall back: asking her witness, Kristen Scott, for help. In spite of the fact that Kristen's been a source for quite a long time, they've never met up close and personal... until now.

In the wake of getting on a call with Kristen, Casey's told to go to an obscure distribution center. When there, she's shocked to meet Kristen for the absolute first time. Regardless of wondering over how hot Kristen is face to face, Casey is dubious about why Kristen's noteworthy herself now. As they plunk down and talk, Casey discovers that her source is somewhere down in a mess yet doesn't have any desire to tell her beginning and end she knows... without an unexpected surprise consequently.
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