Mommys Girl - The Breast Feeder

Publish Date:31.01.2023
The recentlywed Ariella Ferrera is chatting on the couch with her teenage stepdaughter Charlotte Cross. By virtue of her marriage to her father, Charlotte wonders if Ariella counts as her stepmother. Ariella attests to it. She desires to assist Charlotte with regards to clothing, boys, and advise. Charlotte is glad to learn that although though Ariella isn't used to being a mother, she is very eager to begin. Charlotte becomes perplexed once more when Ariella discusses breastfeeding. Does that imply that her parents will become pregnant? It is made clear by Ariella that she wants Charlotte to mimic the act of breastfeeding. She believes that part of her life's purpose is to provide her with breast milk and shares her fascination with the motherly duty of breastfeeding.
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