Girlsway - Telepathy: A MANTIS Origin Story Part One

Publish Date:07.03.2023
Dr Elixor's blooming tea spread worldwide in 2015, causing a massive outbreak of lesbianism around the world. A government organization called AWAL acted quickly and developed a vaccine to treat the public and return life to normal. The US Congress passed the Normalcy Act, which prohibited any heterosexual woman from having direct contact with lesbians anywhere in the country. MANTIS, a secret organization, prepares to fight back against the government and restore lesbianism by exposing AWAL in all their homophobic ignorance, by removing Halle aka 'Patient Zero' from AWAL and infecting her with Elixor's serum once more. Their plan is to organize a covert film production with Mia Malkova playing Halle, but things don't go as planned...
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