Girlsway - Teacher's App Trap

Publish Date:08.02.2023
At the point when Karla Kush, an educator, shows up at the place of one of her understudies, she is a lady on a mission. She meets Christie Stevens, the mother of the understudy, and puts her down for a conversation. She cuts to the chase as she calls Christie out for being on a lesbian hookup application.

Christie is staggered, stressed over her better half and little girl looking into her mysterious undertakings. Karla doesn't resist the urge to stress about her either as she demands that it's her obligation as a teacher to ensure that everything goes flawlessly for the little girl...

Obviously Karla is simply plotting for an unexpected surprise for herself however Christie is so distressed, and somewhat dumbfounded, that she doesn't take note. All things considered, she plays squarely into Karla's hands as Karla recommends that she won't express anything to anybody... Assuming Christie has intercourse with her! Why not have an epic illicit relationship? Then, at that point, Christie will be all affaired-out and there won't be additional issues from here on out!
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