Girlsway - Supernaturally Stacked: Lezanthropy

Publish Date:06.12.2022
Lena Paul is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a friend, Karlee Grey. Something is clearly bothering her, as she keeps looking out the window at the full moon. Fortunately, she is quickly distracted when Karlee arrives after being asked to assist Lena with something. Almost immediately, Lena looks at Karlee with hunger, but she valiantly resists her desires as she instructs Karlee to follow her to the bedroom.
Karlee is surprised to see restraints attached to the bed once she enters the bedroom. She's even more surprised when Lena begs to be restrained! Karlee is hesitant, fearful that Lena will seduce her, but Lena promises to tell her everything once she's fully restrained.
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