Girlsway - Staci Loves Carter

Publish Date:05.01.2023
I (Staci Carr) love sex yet there's one thing I've never attempted, and I've been interested about it. I've had this dream as far back as I can recollect. Yet, I would rather not give it to simply anybody. In the event that I will get my butt cherry popped I maintain that it should be by a delightful lady. I can envision her (Carter Journey) presently. Tight firm tanned body, light hair and the most stunning blue eyes. As we kiss she looks profound at me as though to let me know she can stand by no more. She needs every last bit of me. So I let her take me by the hand and lead me into the lounge where she gradually and cautiously remove all my garments until I'm remaining before her totally and completely stripped. Then, at that point, surrounding gradually, she twists me over so I'm bowing, and my butt is completely helpless. She positions herself behind me, pushing against my cheeks, her fingers sliding to hold each side of my hips. There are no words to portray this second. I can feel her heart beat as is throbs through her pussy against my exposed and shudder ass. Mmmm I can feel my opening vibrating simply contemplating her tongue and fingers slithering within me, at long last letting her screw me like nobody has at any point screwed me. How about we get this dream going?
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