Girlsway - Squirting Lap Dance

Publish Date:26.12.2022
Judy Jolie, wearing a charming party cap, stands by without complaining with her eyes shut for her birthday surprise. Chloe Cherry comes in, kissing Judy on the neck and wishing her a cheerful birthday. Is she prepared for her amazement?, Chloe asks Judy alluringly. Chloe advises Judy to open her eyes, and when she does, she's welcomed by seeing her sweetheart Chloe, dressed as a provocative school young lady, riding her lap, Chloe's delightful stripped ass jabbing out of her skirt. Judy lets Chloe know that she looks perfect, however she's actually befuddled over what her shock is. She thought they were going out for supper, yet this is Certainly not supper clothing. Chloe was feeling that rather than supper, they could simply hang out at home and she could give Judy a lap dance. An overall quite wet lap dance.
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