Mommys Girl - Spank ME Instead!

Publish Date:14.12.2022
Nikole Nash and her stepsister Aften Opal are concerned about getting into trouble with their stepmother, Katie Morgan, after breaking a vase she owns. When they talk about the possibility of Katie punishing them, Aften appears more dreamy than worried. Nikole notices this dreaminess and furrows her brows in puzzlement, not understanding why Aften appears to relish the prospect of punishment.
Katie storms into the living room, interrupting Nikole's questioning of Aften about her strange remark. She discovered the shattered vase. She is enraged and demands to know who broke it.
Afton is frequently blamed. Katie orders Nikole away from the scene so that Aften can be punished. Nikole looks downcast at Aften.
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