Girlsway - Sorority Rush Week: Hazing Ritual

Publish Date:27.01.2023
Sorority sisters Congruity Marvel and Jaye Summers are hanging out at a party, tasting on certain refreshments and visiting about rush week. At the point when Concordance sees that her glass is vacant, she boisterously calls for one of the vows to top it off. Promise Ivy Wolfe shows up and faithfully does everything she's said, putting down close to another vow, Judy Jolie, who looks exceptionally anxious and awkward. All at once, Kasey Mill operator strolls in and welcomes her sorority sisters, pondering out loud why HER glass isn't full. With a giggle, they tell her that that is vows for. Kasey uproariously snaps her fingers, requiring a promise. At the point when Judy likely strolls more than, an irritated Kasey requests that she top her glass off. Y-indeed, ma'am, Judy stammers. At the point when she hands Kasey the full glass with shaking hands, Kasey reprimands her, it she's So sluggishly to tell her. What makes her believe she's GAMMA MASTA BETA material?! The other two sisters participate, upbraiding the unfortunate promise violently. Ivy watches, debilitated to her stomach at the manner in which they're treating Judy. Before long, Ivy can't take any longer. She gets up and places herself before Judy, let the sisters know that SHE'LL deal with filling every one of their glasses from this point forward. The sisters take a gander at one another, stunned that one of the promises has addressed them without being addressed first. What compels Ivy believe that she can just come and stand up for her companion like that?!, Kasey asks indignantly. Perhaps they're lesbians!, Congruity says with a savage chuckle. That should be it, they should be lesbian Darlings, Kasey says as her kindred sisters chuckle.
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