Girlsway - Sister Stories: Don't Steal My Clothes!

Publish Date:15.01.2023
Eliza Jane is enraged when she discovers some of her missing clothes in her stepsister's room. Kenna James, her stepsister, is always taking her stuff, and she can't take it anymore. Kenna enters her room a few moments later and asks Eliza what she's doing there. Eliza inquires as to why her shirts are in her room. Kenna denies everything, telling Eliza she's insane, but Eliza has had enough of her stepsister's antics. They are her clothes, and she wishes to keep them in her room. Kenna is unconcerned and wishes Eliza would leave her alone. Eliza isn't leaving until her sister learns her lesson. She scales her and begins lecturing her on the importance of sharing.
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