Girlsway - Sister Act: BTS Featurette

Publish Date:16.02.2023
Music columnist Sarah Vandella has significant superstar soil on youngster symbol pop star sisters Ashley Adams and Samantha Rone. Sarah has a tape to demonstrate the sisters are furtively lesbians. She's attempting to get a restrictive with a placed her distributer story on the magazine cover. Ashley Adams and Samantha Rone head out of the recording studio to meet Sarah Vandella for a meeting. The young ladies are additionally expecting to get an elite on the front of the magazine. Sarah asks them routine meeting inquiries about their music, their fans, the new collection they're recording. Sarah asks them how they set aside opportunity for boyfriends.But the young ladies don't really want to discuss their confidential relationship status. Sarah needs to know another thing, in the event that they are truly sisters. They affirm they are sisters. Then she requests that they make sense of the shameful sex tape. Ashley is pissed, she insistently denies the supposed undertaking. She needs a main story, yet at the same not unreasonably one. Sarah needs something for herself in return for keeping that story. She'll try and put them on the front of Moving Stone, yet provided that they do what she says. Sarah needs to see Ashley's gigantic tits. Sarah likewise needs to see the sisters making out.
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