Girlsway - Showcases: Kenzie Reeves - 2 Scenes in 1

Publish Date:04.01.2023
Kenzie Reeves' family has registered her with a mental ward. Her unnatural appreciation for young ladies has left her family with barely any choice as it has destroyed their standing locally. Joanna Heavenly messenger, the head nurture at the office, has managed degenerates previously and knows precisely how to treat them. She inspects Kenzie's graph and sees that not much has changed. She's as yet a wicked little prostitute and Joanna will demonstrate it. She pulls down her jeans and strokes her expecting to get a response. At the point when she checks her pussy, it's as she thought; it's trickling with lesbian desire! She slides her fingers all through Kenzie's pussy. As Kenzie groans, she requests that Joanna put her fingers somewhere inside her. Kenzie hasn't transformed, she's as yet a lesbian and Joanna couldn't be more joyful. Unbeknownst to Kenzie's family and the remainder of the staff, Joanna is an undeniable dyke and has Kenzie precisely where she needs her. However long she satisfies all her cravings, her little screw toy won't ever leave which is precisely exact thing Joanna needs. After she has her direction with her, Joanna gives Kenzie her medication and lets her rest.
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