Girlsway - Showcases: Adria Rae - 2 Scenes in 1

Publish Date:04.01.2023
Adria Rae is at home, restlessly watching out for a tea kettle while planning for the new day. Simultaneously, she really takes a look at her telephone, attempting to reach out to her sweetheart, Gia Paige, however Gia's phone message merrily pronounces that she's out there carrying on with her best life. Adria just ends up being more stressed as she hangs up, yet it seems as though her requests are addressed in light of the fact that Gia staggers lethargically in simple minutes after the fact.

Adria is feeling better that her sweetheart is home free from any potential harm, however she scowls when Gia takes her tea for herself. She probably asks how the rave was the previous evening and Gia spouts that she had an awesome time - - aside from the part where she remained up Throughout the evening. Adria can't resist the urge to covertly ask WHY Gia's been MIA throughout the evening... She attempts to conceal her uncertainty yet fizzles, remarking that she'd been attempting to call.
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