Girlsway - Seeing Red: Nerdy Slumber Party Makeover

Publish Date:08.01.2023
Aria Carson and Maya Kendrick are having a sleep party, recalling every one of the great times they hosted during other sleep gatherings before. It's been excessively since a long time ago they've hung out and there's a ton of getting up to speed to do - - like chattering about dating! Yet, as they get up to speed, it's uncovered that Maya hasn't been dating since she's bashful about her looks, so that is when Aria offers to give her a makeover in her folks' in-home beauty parlor. In spite of the fact that Maya's a piece modest, Aria effectively prevails upon her, and it's the ideal opportunity for the makeover!
In the first place, Aria urges Maya to change into hotter night wear. Then Aria gets Maya to take a stab at some new cosmetics and wear her hair diversely to assist with drawing out her internal excellence. All through, they talk, with Aria lifting Maya up anyway she can and - - gradually - - Maya turns out to be more certain about herself too... As a matter of fact, she turns out to be so certain, and encouraged by their closeness, she gives Aria a kiss and concedes that she has eyes only for Aria.
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