Girlsway - Schooled!: Student President

Publish Date:26.10.2022
When Sheena Ryder, a colleague, stops by for a visit during break, Serene Siren is in the room. As Sheena casually jokes that she had a great time earlier, the flirtatious energy between them is undeniable. Serene informs Sheena that they shouldn't be speaking such things at school, but instead of getting Serene hot, she starts to feel uneasy. Who knows who might be listening...

Brooklyn Gray enters the classroom at that point with a deliberate stride. Brooklyn is simply the president of the school, but judging by the nervous looks she gets from the other teachers, SHE is in charge. When Brooklyn says that she is going to be there to conduct her weekly inspection to make sure everything is functioning properly, they become even more tense.
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