Girlsway - Saving Herself For Marriage

Publish Date:16.12.2022
Jay Taylor, a lady to-be, and one of her bridesmaids, Nickey Huntsman, are looking at a dress Nickey got via the post office. As they take a gander at the dress, unmoved, talk goes to Jay's sexual coexistence, and it's uncovered that Jay is saving herself for marriage.

Nickey has misgivings since she is mostly certain, hopefully not by mistake, that Jay has attached with many individuals. Jay explains, saying she has just had Butt-centric sex, which doesn't count.

Nickey shakes her head in dismay. She then appears to get a thought. Giving Jay a robust look, she inquires as to whether Jay needs to have butt-centric sex with her, since, by Jay's rationale, THAT wouldn't count all things considered. Jay glances back at her with an enticed yet shy articulation., her eyes shooting along Nickey's body.
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