Girlsway - Sapphic Curse Of The Crystal Skull

Publish Date:26.10.2022
In a pitch-black tent, an alarm buzzes. After turning off the alarm, Adriana Chechik emerges from her bed. She gets dressed, opens the tent, and emerges into the scorching New Mexico heat. She scans the area while asking herself where Kissa is. When she sees Kissa Sins, who is sporting tight, booty-hugging shorts, her eyes enlarge. Adriana exclaims, "What is she wearing?!" Kissa gives her what the fuck she wants with a sly grin. Adriana expresses concern that she shouldn't dress provocatively given their isolation in this remote part of Chaco Canyon National Park. Kissa reassures Adriana that they won't be messed with. But enough small talk, Kissa sternly advises her companion.
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