Girlsway - Road Trip

Publish Date:11.03.2023
Kristen Scott, a photographic artist, is informing Alex De La Flor, a model, on the web, enthusiastically playing this way and that with her. At the point when Alex sends her provocative pictures, Kristen is bothered - - this young lady is smokin' hot! Kristen, needing to look cool in her crush's eyes, flaunts that she goes with DJ Carter Voyage and is her own photographic artist. Alex is dazzled, inquiring as to whether Kristen is going to EDF in Vegas - - in the event that she is, they ought to get together en route! It would be ideal to get each other since Alex is thoroughly down to fuck.
Later on, Kristen, and her companions Carter and Aidra Fox are hanging out together in Carter's room. Aidra wonders over Carter's most current tune, obviously stricken with her. In the mean time, Kristen attempts to flaunt her new pictures, however Aidra isn't that persuaded of their quality - - in the event that Kristen took preferred pictures of individuals over she did plants, she likely wouldn't be a virgin. Kristen is harmed, safeguarding that she has a lot of individuals that need to engage in sexual relations with her. As a matter of fact, there's this hot model named Alex that needs to get together in Dough puncher. Her companions are amazed and invigorated, in spite of the fact that Carter appears to be more glad for Kristen than Aidra. Carter demands that Dough puncher truly isn't excessively far, so get together in light of the fact that they're going on an excursion!
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