Girlsway - Prove It!

Publish Date:17.02.2023
Chanell Heart comes into the banquet room while throwing a mini tantrum and the secretary, Veronica Rodriguez, expertly and considerately welcomes her. Chanell is confounded and dubious when she sees Veronica, asking, 'Where's Edna?' Veronica answers that beloved Edna at long last resigned and that she's there to fill in. Veronica then, at that point, asks how she can help Chanell, and Chanell says that she's there to see Veronica's chief - - her better half. Veronica's grin vacillates as she lets Chanell know that he's out at a lunch meeting with a client right now for basically 60 minutes. Chanell is furious, demanding that he's in every case advantageously in a gathering at whatever point she comes around.
'Additionally, THIS in all likelihood will not do!' Chanell shouts while energetically motioning to Veronica. Veronica is confounded, expressing, 'Excuse me?' Chanell says that they can't simply supplant Bingo-cherishing, bird-watching Edna with some youthful cutie - - her significant other will undermine her without a doubt! No, it seems to be Veronica should get the boot.
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