Girlsway - Popular 2: A Taste Of Revenge

Publish Date:04.01.2023
Jillian Janson, Sabina Rouge, and Aria Lee all swagger into the bistro projecting a similar obnoxious, bombastic energy. Sabina is presently obviously one of them. Aidra Fox, the other individual from the famous inner circle is behind the counter working. At the point when Jillian is compromised by Sabina's newly discovered certainty, she cuts Sabina down a stake.

Soon thereafter, Sabina heads back home alone. Avi Love is strolling behind her and runs to get up to speed. Irate that she was humiliated by Jillian, Sabina lets Avi know that she has an arrangement to show Jillian a thing or two. Avi implores her to avoid it and all the while, uncovers a previous heartfelt connection with Jillian. Avi likewise mourns that Sabina has changed. She misses Sabina, she misses spending time with her. Sabina is by all accounts going to answer this however at that point stops herself. She surges off, leaving Avi looking concerned and miserable.
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