Girlsway - Penchant For Pricey Panties

Publish Date:06.12.2022
Georgia Jones is en route to work when she gets her flat mate Maddy O'Reilly taking a stab at her charming underwear. Presently she realizes what befalls the matches that vanish. She used to fault the clothes washer for eating them, yet it's only Maddy with an inclination for expensive undies. Maddy removes the clothing and energetically pushes them right in front of Georgia to demonstrate they're still new. At the point when Georgia doesn't say anything negative, Maddy prods her for loving the smell of her pussy. Maddy thinks the top she's wearing has a place with Georgia as well. She takes it off and hands it over, unmistakable stripped. Georgia doesn't have the foggiest idea what has happened to her flat mate.

Maddy wrestles Georgia onto the bed and pries off her shirt, disregarding her fights about being behind schedule for work. Maddy believes that Georgia should suck on her tits. She kisses her to empower consistence. Then Maddy climbs up Georgia's skirt, pulls down her drawers and licks between her legs.
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