Girlsway - Panty Theft

Publish Date:08.02.2023
Hoodlum Jenna Sativa breaks into the home of Angela White around midnight. In any case, the individual she's burglarizing rests with one eye open and is furnished. At the point when Jenna makes a commotion slipping through the entryways, Angela arouses from her sleep. The steamy mortgage holder slips a robe over her exposed body, gets her glock and makes a beeline for secure the border. Angela goes through each room of the house lastly gets to her room. There she tracks down a female cheat, scarcely mature enough for school, taking undies out of her wardrobe, and smelling them as well. Angela points and shouts at the cheat to freeze or she'll shoot. Jenna lifts her hands to show she's not using a weapon, simply the undies she's been sniffing. At the point when Angela takes steps to call the police, Jenna falls onto her knees asking for kindness. She has three strikes and this will take care of her forever. Angela questions her unwanted visitor all the more intently. With the bravery of a prepared professional killer, Angela lifts Jenna's shirt to examine the products she took. She pulls down Jenna's jeans and yanks more taken undies that Jenna stuffed inside her own underwear. Angela ponders so anyone might hear how to manage her. Jenna argues she'll effectively keep away from jail. Angela stuffs Jenna's mouth with the underwear. She strolls her to the mirror and asks how she'd like it assuming she screwed her like that. Angela starts to rule the culprit of the underwear burglary, pulling all her garments off and smacking her little tits.
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