Mommys Girl - Our Girl's All Grown Up

Publish Date:10.12.2022
Leah Lee is keeping a journal while writing in her bedroom. She's thrilled that it's her 18th birthday. While everything is going on, Cory Chase and Nadia White, her two stepmothers, are decorating the living room with a tonne of balloons and other decorations. Cory queries whether they have overdone the décor, but Nadia insists it's okay because Leah's birthday is EXTRA special.
Leah is delighted that Cory and Nadia put in so much work when she sees the decorations. Leah is presented with a birthday tiara and sash by her stepmothers, who also express their joy at having her as a member of their family. Then Leah starts to flirt with them and says something about a family custom.
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