Girlsway - Nerds Rule!: Labyrinths & Lesbians

Publish Date:15.12.2022
Three charming and geeky companions, Ivy Wolfe, Judy Jolie, and Alison Rey, are playing a tabletop pretending game called Mazes &Leviathans. Ivy is the infinitely wise Maze Courtesan (LM) while Judy and Alison are the fearless individuals on a legendary experience.

They're all getting profound into the story, celebrating having killed a monster, when Ivy's pretentious team promoter step-sister, Whitney Wright,waltzes in. Right away, the companions fall into an awkward quietness as Whitney thuds down at the table with them, announcingthat she's left with them for the evening. What game is this? One of their dorky imagine games with sorcery? Anything, she desires in.
Hesitantly, they let Whitney play, in spite of the fact that it isn't well before she's taunting their excitement for the game. At the point when Ivy challengesher step-sister on what she'd have HER personality do, Whitney sneers and says she'd have her personality put an affection spell on Judy'scharacter to make them kiss!
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