Girlsway - Nailin' It!

Publish Date:27.11.2022
Cosmetologist Maya Kendrick is working when her partner Nadia Noja returns from break. She lets Maya know that she just learned about a nail method called a lesbian nail treatment. Maya lets Nadia know that she knows about it. As a matter of fact, it's one of her strengths, and as a lesbian herself, Maya generally attempts to have a lesbian nail treatment. Maya then, at that point, recommends that Nadia practice that kind of nail trim so she can perform them on clients.
Maya guides Nadia through the means of the nail trim before she proposes that Nadia work on giving her one. Anxious to learn, Nadia concurs. When Nadia is done giving Maya the nail treatment, Maya is exceptionally satisfied with Nadia's work, demanding that Nadia is a natural.Maya then specifies that she neglected to tell Nadia the genuine motivation behind a lesbian nail trim. Be that as it may, - Maya adds enticingly as opposed to telling Nadia, it will be considerably more amusing to SHOW her.
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