Girlsway - My Lesbian Valentine

Publish Date:10.03.2023
Kasey Warner and Samantha Rone have been companions for a really long time. Kasey has forever been the more friendly of the two and Samantha, has consistently admired her as a result of it. Be that as it may, Samantha has started to have in excess of a well disposed affection toward Kasey. Not having any desire to demolish their astonishing fellowship, Samantha has remained quiet about her sentiments however enough is enough.They're mature enough now to know that assuming something will occur between them, it necessities to happen now. Samantha concludes that their's no more excellent day than Valentine's Day to come clean with Kasey about how she feels, and concocts an arrangement to shock her after school.

Samantha purchases many red roses, and spots them overall around Kasey's home, joined by a wonderful card and lots of designs that she's hand created herself. The greatest aspect, she's wearing one hot red dress for the event. At the point when a clueless Kasey gets back home she's shocked to see Samantha there looking so hot. She's so glad to see her closest companion subsequent to being dismissed by one of the young men she's really liked from school, Samantha is the ideal individual she needs to see. At the point when Samantha at long last lets Kasey know how she feels, Kasey can't resist the urge to fall head over heels for Samantha without even a second's pause.
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