Girlsway - My Imaginary Lesbian Friend

Publish Date:17.12.2022
Riley Reid goes to the restroom to clean up before sleep time. She searches in the mirror and stands by enthusiastically for her mysterious companion, Carter Voyage, to show up. Riley has a mysterious she can't tell anybody, she's met somebody. Another person and energizing. Indeed, nobody can see her except for her. At the point when Riley is distant from everyone else, she feels a calling inside her that pushes her towards the reflections of the house. Furthermore, once in a while, just some of the time, Carter will be there hanging tight for her. Furthermore, when she is, Riley's heart basically explodes. All she needs is to contact Carter, to have her lips squeezed against hers. She simply doesn't have the foggiest idea how. This evening, she's trusting that this will all change. She looks in the mirror and sees her appearance. She turns away frustrated, believing that maybe she will not at any point see Carter in the future. She turns upward and sees Carter looking right back at her. Riley stands out her tongue energetically and Carter sticks to this same pattern. Riley snickers and tells her that she hasn't seen her in so lengthy and misses her. Carter tells her she's dependably here with her. Riley admits that she truly needs to kiss her however when she attempts, Carter vanishes and all she's left with is her own appearance. Baffled, she withdraws to the room however as she pivots, she sees Carter grinning back at her in the mirror. Carter requests that she attempt to kiss her once more and when she does, she at long last gets her desire, and has her arms folded over her affection.
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