Girlsway - My Boyfriend's Mom

Publish Date:21.12.2022
Lena Anderson thumps on her beau's entryway. His stepmom Christie Stevens replies, presenting herself. At the point when Christie welcomes Lena in, her eyes go wide as she looks at the shocking lady her child is dating. Lena and her sweetheart get comfortable to stare at the television. Hearing somebody going up the steps, Lena pivots on the lounge chair, with perfect timing to get an extraordinary perspective on Christie's delicious ass almost blasting out of the creases of her tight dress. As Christie strolls up the steps, she pivots, grinning shyly at Lena. Lena grins back, gnawing her lip. She pardons herself, let her beau know that she needs to utilize the washroom higher up.

Christie goes to her child's room and is starting to make his bed when Lena pops her head in. Christie messes with Lena that she was simply repairing her child's bed since she calculated that he and Lena would most likely use it later. Lena draws near to Christie, brushing the hair away from her face and recommends that perhaps THEY could utilize it now. Christie wavers, stressed that her child will stroll in, however Lena guarantees her that he's occupied. She slides the lashes of Christie's dress off her shoulders, uncovering her delicious tits, prior to twisting down and tenderly kissing Christie's pink areolas.
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