Girlsway - Missing: Part Two

Publish Date:26.10.2022
Lara Bradford is poring over police records in a fruitless attempt to uncover any missing information. She spends hours working, taking notes on everything she sees, until she eventually finds Cindy Allen's profile. According to AWAL, Cindy Alan is the most recent of the "heterosexual women" to vanish, and Lara is sceptical of one suspicious aspect. She observes that the police made no attempt to check the young woman's bedroom for information. Lara makes a frantic call to Anita Sharpe in an effort to seek approval to sift through Cindy's belongings. Anita acknowledges Lara's keen eye for detail and gives her approval for the visit. When Lara arrives at Cindy's house, her impoverished, broken-hearted father welcomes her and directs her to the room.
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