Mommys Girl - Mafia Mom

Publish Date:24.12.2022
Cherie DeVille, the wife of a mob boss, learns that her husband Biggie is in prison. She realises she is in command at this point. Samantha Rone, Cherie's stepdaughter, learns the news and tells her wife Alex Grey that Cherie is preparing to take over the company, which is Samantha's legal inheritance. Samantha and Alex consent to a meeting with Cherie. Samantha is certain that her coke business will guarantee her a position at the top.

Samantha makes her case in the meeting. The girls are warned by Cherie not to have sex with Italians. Samantha modifies her tone and behaves more politely. Cherie approaches Alex and gives her a passionate kiss. She wants Samantha to experience what it's like when someone else touches her belongings.
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