Girlsway - Lola Loves Jada

Publish Date:12.02.2023
Last time I (Lola Foxx) did butt-centric with a young lady, everything revolved around her showing me how to take the toy in my butt, and showing my poop hole how to extend around various estimated toys and plugs. Well this time I somewhat want to get a hot brunette young lady (Jada Stevens) with a major butt like mine, and show our runs stacked into each other and showing them off together. Furthermore, I want to take a major toy and put it inside her butt, and truly tell her the best way to extend her butt. Also, look inside, and put changed estimated plugs inside her and put my fingers inside and truly investigate her butt hole. And afterward, I maintain that she should go to me and put a toy inside my butt hole, and pull it in and out and lick my pussy while she does it until I have a pussy climax and an assgasm simultaneously. This is just my second time with butt-centric so I'm somewhat anxious yet Jada's a genius and I want to show her that I can play with the young ladies. I want to show her that I can take a major toy in my butt and I believe she should eat my pussy, and screw my butt simultaneously so I have a climax from my pussy and my butt. Furthermore, I believe that she should taste the toy, and see what I taste like inside. So that is my dream: butt-centric sex with Jada Stevens, and working out is about.
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