Girlsway - Lady Boss: The IT Nerd

Publish Date:05.02.2023
Alison Rey is attempting frantically to work yet apparently can't get on the web. At the point when her PC closes down completely, she just can hardly comprehend her incredible good fortune. She calls the IT division to figure out that her IT fellow is holiday. Bothered, she beseeches them to send her somebody adequately capable to fix her damn PC. At the point when Gina Valentina shows up and presents herself as the new temp, Alison asks her for what valid reason it took her such a long time to arrive. Gina takes a gander at the PC and asks her what occurred. Alison feigns exacerbation and can't really accept that she needs to manage this gibberish. Assuming she's IT, shouldn't she be the one to tell her? Gina illuminates her that it is by all accounts an equipment issue and with the right parts, she could have it all around great. The main issue is temps don't approach parts. Alison simply shouts at her expression she has a great deal of work to do and lacks the capacity to deal with this. Gina gets on all fours and attempts frantically to track down the issue. Alison sees Gina's impeccably formed ass and figures since she's pausing, she should partake in the view. The more Alison gazes at her butt, the more she gets turned on. She removes her underwear and lets Gina know that maybe she could make herself helpful in another manner.
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