Girlsway - Knocking At The Back Door

Publish Date:14.01.2023
Angela White is snoozing on her bed. Abruptly the entryway flies open as the vigorous Gia Derza, her flat mate, barges in, announcingthat she has something that she simply Needs to show Angela! 'What?? Thump first, please, Gia!' Angela shouts. Several days later,Angela is in her room in her bra and undies, almost got done with getting dressed. Gia skips in without thumping, once more, however sheabruptly stops at seeing Angela's beautiful tits settled in the bra. She gazes for a really long time, looking bothered andentranced. Angela storms forward, shouting, 'Once more?? How frequently do I need to advise you to thump first! Get outta here, I'mchanging!' Gia gets driven out of the room by Angela, who hammers the entryway in dissatisfaction.
The following morning, Angela looks energized as she settles onto her bed with her PC, gnawing her lip as she gazes at the screen whilereaching down under her skirt, daintily scouring her pussy while she gazes at the screen. Similarly as she's beginning to get into it, the dooropens. 'Hello, Angela- - ' Gia eagerly welcomes, however Gia is Scarcely in through the entryway before Angela screeches and yells, 'NOTNOW!! How about you at any point thump??'
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