Girlsway - It's All Thanks To You

Publish Date:05.01.2023
Casca Akashova is simply wrapping up a meeting with her specialist, Dr. Julianna Vega. She is cheerful about how much her life has changed because of these treatment meetings. Julianna assisted Casca with understanding her actual self as a lesbian, assisted her arrangement with her separation, assisted her with the burdens of beginning once again, and presently she's on another life way out and blissful. It's all because of Julianna!

Casca communicates her adoration for Julianna, in the long run conceding that she has additionally experienced passionate feelings for her. Casca adds that she comprehends on the off chance that Julianna doesn't feel the same way, yet she just needed to tell her. Not any more living in that frame of mind about her sentiments!

Julianna sits peacefully briefly and afterward answers that she can't be her specialist any longer, which shocks Casca. However at that point Julianna rapidly rewords to make sense of that what she Implied was that she cares deeply about Casca also, yet can't follow up on those sentiments while being her therapist. Thus, it's the ideal opportunity for them to begin an entirely different relationship together! With their sentiments out in the open, the two ladies start to take off their garments and investigate one another, contacting and kissing energetically...
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