Girlsway - Interrupted By Their Teacher

Publish Date:03.12.2022
Lady friends Jaye Summers and Isabella Pleasant slip into a vacant homeroom, clasping hands and looking wicked as they investigate it. The women can't keep their hands off of one another and start intensely making out and feeling each other up on the educator's work area, obviously turned on by being so mischievous.
The two of them unexpectedly stop when they hear strides beyond the study hall. They alarm and both duck under the educator's work area to stow away.
Educator Sofi Ryan goes into the room with an organizer of papers.
Jaye and Isabella both quiet as Sofi approaches the work area and plunks down, dropping the envelope of papers on the work area with a moan. They gaze at Sofi's legs, which are inches away, doing whatever it takes not to get found out.
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