Girlsway - Hold The Phone: Dirty Talk

Publish Date:10.03.2023
Anastasia Knight is driving on the interstate when she chooses to call her sweetheart, Georgia Jones, to find out how her day at work is turning out. Her day is going better compared to Anastasia can envision! Her secretary, Natasha Pleasant, has quite recently removed her undies and has given them to Georgia as a gift. Georgia takes a major whiff and grins at the wonderful smell. As Natasha shakes her tits before Georgia, Anastasia has no clue about what 's happening at the workplace. In spite of that, she chooses to begin speaking profanely to her better half. As Anastasia discusses every one of the frightful things she'd do to Georgia, Natasha is kneeling down playing with Georgia's pussy. At the point when Anastasia gets an approach the other line, Georgia hangs up the telephone, snatches Natasha and begins making out with her energetically. What the young ladies don't know is Anastasia has recently shown up at the workplace wanting to astonish her sweetheart. At the point when she hears groaning coming from inside, she storms in requesting to understand what in blazes Georgia believes she's doing. Having been discovered in the act, the young ladies are speechless and attempt to lie they're way out of it. At the point when Georgia attempts to make sense of, Anastasia removes her idiom that she can't really accept that she would screw a young lady this hot without her! Georgia knows the amount Anastasia enjoys enormous breasted ladies like Natasha. Georgia is feeling quite a bit better and all things considered, sharing is mindful!
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