NuruMassage - Gel Manicure Mixup

Publish Date:09.03.2023
Brett Rossi, a fashionista client, comes to the spa for a gel manicure, believing NURU Gel is a trendy new nail treatment. It's a type of massage, according to masseuse Jaye Summers. Brett is a little disappointed, but when Jaye says it's popular with celebrities, the client is eager to give it a shot so she can be the envy of all the cool kids.
Brett walks with Jaye to the massage parlor. When the masseuse tries to undress her, she laughs but plays along. Jaye's soaping up in the shower is turning Brett on. She caresses her boobs after they kiss, then leads Brett into the bath. Jaye spreads her client's legs and licks her sweet pussy as Brett sits on the edge of the tub.
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