Girlsway - Fashion Victim

Publish Date:26.10.2022
Tomorrow, Darcie Dolce is leaving her helper Bree Daniels behind to attend a fashion event. Bree put in a lot of effort for her boss, therefore she doesn't think this is just. She will do anything to attend the fashion show since she really wants to. Bree makes a call and purchases some seductive red underwear from a local boutique after Darcie leaves the workplace. Later, when Darcie comes back to the workplace, Bree is prepared and waiting for her. When Darcie enters, she immediately recognises Bree's appearance and can't stop praising it. Bree responds that she is dressed that way because she wants to accompany her to the fashion show when she is questioned about why. Darcie is perplexed and fails to make the link.
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