Girlsway - Encyclezpedia Clitannica

Publish Date:19.01.2023
Emma Hix is prepared for a calm day at home when there's a thump on the entryway. At the point when she responds to it, she meets Aaliyah Hadid, who is an enthusiastic sales rep selling reference books. Emma's not intrigued... until Aaliyah underscores that she's selling a unique version lesbian-centered 'Encyclezpedia Clitannica!'

Emma welcomes Aaliyah inside, her interest provoked. As Aaliyah shares tidbits from the book, Emma is in dismay - - particularly when the book guarantees that 90% of ladies have fantasized about being with different ladies previously! Doubtlessly that measurement is a piece high??

In spite of the fact that Emma attempts to make light of it, Aaliyah is persuaded that Emma might be essential for that 90% of ladies. Aaliyah demands that there's one method for knowing without a doubt...

Aaliyah starts stripping down before Emma, who is stunned yet additionally fascinated. When Aaliyah is totally exposed, that's what she reports, assuming Emma Had any affections for young ladies, she'd feel them now!

Emma modestly concedes that while she thinks Aaliyah is lovely, that doesn't mean she's a lesbian... In any case, not entirely set in stone to assist Emma with finding that opposite side of herself, so she snatches Emma's hand and puts them to her bosoms. Does she feel anything now?
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