Girlsway - Don't Mind Us

Publish Date:07.12.2022
In this spin-off of 'Don't Care about Me', gamer Whitney Wright has moved to another spot. She no longer lives with her bothersome previous flat mate, Eliza, however her new flat mate Spencer Bradley is much more inconvenient! As a matter of fact, while Whitney attempts to play a computer game for certain web-based companions, Spencer comes into the room and blocks Whitney's perspective on the TV, saying she needs to pose Whitney an inquiry. Realizing that she will not get any harmony in any case, Whitney advises Spencer to go for it.

Spencer makes sense of that she's bringing her new sweetheart over sometime in the afternoon, and needs to utilize the television. Whitney denies, calling attention to that today is HER chance to utilize the television, so she will play computer games with her web-based companions day in and day out. After some discussion, Whitney concurs that Spencer and her sweetheart will be permitted to utilize the room, as long as Whitney can in any case play computer games.
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