Girlsway - Date My Ex: Part One

Publish Date:27.12.2022
Since Marie McCray parted ways with her sweetheart Karlie, she's been only miserable, desolate and horny. She wants to track down something to repair her depression so she calls her companion Kenna for any relationship counsel. Marie is given the full go-ahead to connect with Kenna's ex, Kalina Ryu and with nothing to lose she chooses to try it out. Kalina welcomes Marie welcoming her into her home and shocks her with a delightful lunch for the two. Marie chooses to trust in Kalina telling her how she has had her heart broken before and about troubles of getting out there and meeting new individuals regardless of whether they're every one of some unacceptable spots.

They discuss their inclinations and leisure activities and come to figure out they have much surprisingly normal interests, finding inescapable desire from each other. Kalina baits Marie towards her veranda where they can proceed with their midday date and take things to a higher level. Despite the fact that Marie is physically drawn to Kalina, she actually feels hesitant to seek after things on a sexual level however Kalina convinces Marie to yield and to leave every one of her apprehensions.
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