Girlsway - Cougariffic: What Would Your Parents Think??

Publish Date:29.12.2022
Silvia Saige is at a pool party, however it isn't some time before she needs to run inside and refuge. It's unmistakable she wants a breather, fanning herself, however she has no opportunity to herself before she's joined by Lyra Lockhart, wearing a meager two-piece and steamy grin.
Lyra prods Silvia about running off, not being timid by any means as she plunks down close to Silvia and parades her enthusiastic bosoms. Silvia is bothered by how much skin Lyra's appearing, however attempts to demand that she WASN'T stowing away... Notwithstanding, Lyra is tricky, commenting that she Realizes Silvia was looking at her and that she escaped to keep away from her.
Silvia staggers all over herself as she attempts to deny this, however Lyra just turns out to be significantly more coy and enchanting. She's had her eye on Silvia while now and Needs her. Despite the fact that Silvia is clearly enticed, she's actually stunned by Lyra's intensity. She's been companions with Lyra's folks for such a long time - - what might they think??
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