Mommys Girl - Conning Mommy

Publish Date:28.11.2022
Chloe Cherry is a con artist hoping to strike gold with newly widowed Sheena Ryder. Sheena's stepdaughter ran away a few years ago after she turned 18, and Chloe is now pretending to be that long-lost stepdaughter in order to receive an inheritance. If everything goes as planned, this will be the best con she's ever pulled!
When Chloe first meets Sheena, she is sceptical but hopeful about possibly regaining custody of her daughter. Chloe tries her hardest to win Sheena over, and SEEMS to succeed... but then Chloe begins to suspect she is in over her head. When Sheena begins to approach her, she is shocked to discover that Sheena and her daughter were intimately involved!
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