Girlsway - Big Sis Takes A Squirt!

Publish Date:11.01.2023
Lilly Lit mindfully looks her head in through a room entryway. She looks around the room, then, at that point, is fulfilled that the room is unfilled. She hustles inside, looking satisfied with herself, however still glances back at the entryway more than once to make sure that she is to be sure alone.

'I generally considered what Rhythm keeps reserved around here... I generally hear her groaning through the walls around evening time, so I bet she has some Truly devious stuff concealed around here!' she snickers to herself. She slips over to a dresser and starts opening drawers, ultimately tracking down a jug of lube. She gets it and inquisitively peruses the name, pondering, 'Seasoned?? For what reason do you really want Seasoned lube??' She murmurs to herself as she pours a spot onto her hand and tastes it. 'Oooh... Watermelon?? That is not awful, as a matter of fact!'
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