Girlsway - Are You Good Enough For My Daughter?

Publish Date:19.05.2023
Aila Donovan is cleaning when she finds her girl Emma's cellphone. She utilizes it to text Emma's new sweetheart, Rebecca Vanguard, acting like her little girl to bait Rebecca to the house. Somewhat later, Rebecca shows up and is shocked to see Aila. Aila welcomes her inside, acting ignorant about the text.

Aila lets Rebecca know that she's stressed that Rebecca probably won't be completely dedicated to her girl since this is Rebecca's most memorable lesbian relationship. Aila proceeds to make sense of that she's concerned that this is only a Stage for Rebecca. She realizes there are numerous bi-inquisitive young ladies out there who will get with a young lady and afterward choose it's not so much for them. She doesn't believe that Emma should have her heart broken in such a manner.

Rebecca demands that she's completely dedicated to Emma. In any case, Aila isn't persuaded, voicing worry that her girl's sexual coexistence may need while with Rebecca. Rebecca is bothered, in dismay of Aila getting so private.
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