Girlsway - A Teacher's Discipline Part Two: Advanced Studies

Publish Date:01.01.2023
Jelena Jensen is in her office at school, going over tests she wants to address before the day's end. Jelena is having a truly troublesome time centering. She continues to contemplate Veronica Rodriguez and what happened a day or two ago. Jelena realizes she exceeded her limits however she was unable to oppose her sexual requirements. Furthermore, someone expected to show Veronica a thing or two. Jelena swears she won't ever do it from this point forward.
Jelena hears a thump on her office entryway and is shocked to see Veronica. Jelena says it's anything but a great time and requests that Veronica return sometime in the future. Veronica denies asserting she really wants to converse with her and won't take no for a response. Being given no decision, Jelena gives her access. Veronica needs to show her appreciation and says thanks to Jelena for everything she showed her a day or two ago. She needs another example immediately. Jelena rejects, refering to the conspicuous difficulty that they are at school in her office! Veronica gives Jelena a final offer, have intercourse with her or she will let everybody know what she did. It's not mockery.
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